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Matías León (2000) Neoclassical pianist and composer. With his songs Matías León gives an idea of the world of his feelings, when he sits at the piano, he simply allows his feelings and moods to manifest themselves in melodies. The composer’s omnipresent love for music is evident here, from deep melancholy to exuberant euphoria. It takes the listener on a journey through the ups and downs of their own being. Matías began to be interested in music at the age of 12, at 13 he was given his first electric piano and from there he began his long journey through music at the Laurencia Contreras Conservatory of the Bio Bio University, eventually playing at various universities from Chile at his young age. At the age of 17 he left his musical studies to join the army, upon leaving it, he was marked for life by extraordinary experiences and others not so much… This led him to immerse himself in his own world and it was at that moment that he began to compose your own music, becoming an outstanding pianist, composer and orchestral conductor.
Matías León tries to express his most intimate feelings with each song composed, he takes the listener to an inner world, where everything is perfect and carefree, he takes him to know how wonderful life is and how difficult it can sometimes be.

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